Executive Board

President: Jack Fulton

External Vice President: Mathew Ganz

Internal Vice President: Skyler Wise

Treasurer: Ryan Gwantley

Secretary: Luis Molina

Health & Safety Officer: Jarred Polseno

Sargent at ArmsAdam Ferrare

Recruitment Officer: Alex Appalonia

New Member EducationVincent Marrota




Alumni Relations: Steven Mozloom

Scholarship Chair: Scott Reynolds

Brotherhood Chair: Scott Reynolds

Athletic Chair: Meran Topalin

PR/Marketing Chair: Aaron Amaral

Community Service Chair: Egan Reale

Philanthropy Chair: Tyler L'Heroux

Special Events Chair: Aaron Amaral

Recruitment Team: Vincent Marrota, Nicholas Nolting


Rush pike

Pi Kappa Alpha has a tradition like no other. With the largest and strongest brotherhood featuring 120 members here at the University of Rhode Island, you have a chance to be part of something truly special. After being granted a charter in 2009, Kappa Iota became the face of Greek Life with its achievements through Intrafraternal Competitions, Academics and Community Impact. Aside from accolades, Kappa Iota offers you the chance at true Brotherhood. The Brothers you make not only give you an unbreakable bond, but valuable resources and connections to help you excel in the future.    

Alumni & Former President James Bernard '18 Xi


    "When I was rushing fraternities at URI, PIKE was the only one that really stood out to me. It was clear right away that they had the best guys, the best brotherhood, and were most popular on campus. All the guys made me feel welcome and made me really want to be a part of the brotherhood."


      "As for the impact PIKE has had on my life, it has made me more of a leader than I could have ever imagined. From being recruitment chair to being elected President, I had the opportunity to mold the future of the fraternity and it truly changed me as a person." 

 Brother & Recruit. Officer Alex Appalonnia '20 Sigma


     "Future brothers, I am ecstatic to be part of your recruitment process this coming year. Rush is one of many great experiences you'll have alongside Kappa Iota and a chance at meeting your future brothers for the first time ever. We strongly recommend attending all of the memorable rush events that everyone, including myself talks and jokes about even to this day. The Fall Rush process is truly special and I look forward to meeting you all. Feel free to contact the chapter or myself with any questions or concerns at anytime throughout or after Rush."   


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