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Recruitment Adviser.Brother Sloan Miller '16 Nu

     Congratulations to Kappa Iota's first ever Recruitment Adviser. During Miller's time with KI as Recruitment Officer he recruited the largest pledge class the chapter had ever had. After graduating with a degree in PR and Business Management, Miller now works for Tampico Beverages as the New England Sales Manager with control of key corporate accounts. As the Recruitment Alumni Adviser, Miller serves as a bridge to provide current brothers with any resources they might need as well as overseeing alumni relations. Miller has and will continue to help develop our Recruitment Officers in order to find the most best men on campus. 

Chapter Adviser.Brother Tom Mistowski  

'16 Mu

 Congratulations to Kappa Iota's first ever Chapter Advisor. After holding numerous leadership positions within the KI, including Vice Internal President, Mistowski has consistently been an essential resource in helping our chapter grow. Mistowski graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Turffgrass Management and Horticulture. Mistowski is currently employed by the New England Patriots and the Kraft Group as a field crew foreman who assists in agriculturally managing the Gillette Stadium facilities. Kappa Iota is thrilled to have such a valuable resource.

Alumni Golf Tournament

Brothers stopping by the clubhouse.
Brothers stopping by the clubhouse.

The 2018 Pi Kappa Alpha Annual Golf Tournament. Thank you to all of the alumni and family coming out along with all of the sponsors of this tournament. This amazing event couldn’t be done without the help of Brother James Bernard '18 & Michael Heiberger '17 , thank you.


Kappa Iota, A Brotherhood That Began Nearly 25 Years Ago


In early January 1994 a transfer student, who had been initiated at RPI’s Gamma Tau chapter, began his quest to bring the glory of Pi Kappa Alpha to a state it had never been before. Dana Mills started the Kappa Iota chapter; a tradition and brotherhood that would still be around nearly 25 years later. One month later in February, 76 would men would be pinned as founding fathers in Independence Hall Auditorium (now Swan Hall). The very first Kappa Iota social was with the Delta Zeta sorority soon after. In June, the colony was able to acquire 69 Upper College Road from Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and 12 brothers moved in that Fall to have their first location for chapter. But soon thereafter the colony would go through trials and tribulations citing lack of finances, lack of interest and various other reasons. But with new colony president Matthew Hammel, the chapter had their first formal at the Dutch Inn in late April of 1995. Finally the beautiful weekend of October 13-15th 1995 arrived with New England’s rural beauty on full display 60 men completed their long and fateful journey of colonization that would go on to impact hundreds of lives in the future as they were finally initiated into the bonds by members from Iota Chi (Uconn), Kappa Delta (Northeastern), and Theta Mu (UMass). Afterwards, they held a black-tie banquet and a keynote presentation was given from International President Morse. Unfortunately by 1998 the chapter would be silent, and it would be 10 years before the chapter could regain its footing.


2008: Back and Better Than Ever


When the Kappa Iota chapter made its return in the Spring of 2008 NYU transfer Jeremy Blais would lead 39 men in a legendary come back setting URI greek life on fire from areas of athletics to scholarship to social. By April of 2009 they had the number 1 fraternity GPA with a 2.85, dominated intramurals and campus wide events, participated in Relay for Life twice and completed an Aids walk, were members of several on campus organizations, and the biggest accomplishment: ending Zeta Beta Tau’s 9 year reign as Greek week champions in their first year of competition. On April 24th 2009, 57 men were initiated by our brothers from the North: Kappa Delta (Northeastern) and Theta Mu (UMass) in the Universities Catholic Center. The following night the banquet was held at the Raddison Hotel in Warwick. It featured a keynote presentation from International Vice President John Bobango.


Throughout the past 10 years Kappa Iota chapter has seen its ups and downs. Most recently, we were awarded with the ‘Outstanding Interfraternal Relations’ award at the Greek Leadership Awards Banquet and were recognized at the 150th International Convention for having over 100 men in our chapter. Kappa Iota has been working diligently to redefine their chapter’s vision: helping and serving the community around us. As we enter the 2018-19 school year, the chapter’s goal is to win Most Improved Fraternity and to foster a place where its men continuously strive for high ideals and commit to a cause greater than themselves.

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